Leslie James

Leslie James

“Unique as the one who owns it
Being self-taught in almost all endeavors, Leslie is always pushing the edge in her designs. Her background is in accounting and finance and Leslie finds “therapy from numbers” in her day job. But by night she relishes a zealous escape to her working artisan studio. This is where Leslie comes to life, releasing visionary ingenuity. Leslie typically paints with a knife, using acrylics or oil with a large area mixture of contrasting textures. She is not a traditional artist rather impressionistically novel. For anyone who knows her work, they will see a wide mélange of talent and skill.  From wheel thrown/slab pottery, jewelry, copper electroplating, gouache, watercolor, mixed media fine art to pattern to finish luxe genuine leather totes.
Some professional artists are content with mastering their one craft. Leslie however, is compelled to continually educate herself in new forms and mediums pushing to enlarge the schema of her wild heart.  “I must constantly learn, grow, read and educate…it keeps me balanced, energized and inspired.”
You can find her paintings for sale here.

Ferrari Wheel

24 x 36 Painting $5,000.00

Porsche Wheel

24 x 36 Painting $5,000.00

Vintage Ferrari Badge

22 x 28 Painting $3,500.00

Maserati Badge

24 x 30 Painting $3,500.00

Lamborghini Badge

24 x 30 Painting $3,500.00

Coming Soon!

Mulliner Bentley GT

24 x 36 Painting $4,000.00

Custom Tables

Contact for pricing based size and wood

(615) 516-6958

Cavallino Rampante


The Unknown Future Project


Coming Soon!

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